Greetings Fellow Travelers, 

I sure am glad you’re here. Thank you for tapping the subscribe to another newsletter that will whisk into your inbox each week with something to whisper or roar. I appreciate you making space for me in your scrolling, and I am committed to making that space earn its keep. To ensure that happens, I hope you will engage with our community and me in active discussions around rethinking the culture of work. 

As a writer and researcher of workplace bullying, work cultures, creativity, and innovation, I will dive into what makes work hurt, how to open the office windows to welcome in new ideas and diverse perspectives, share books that stretch and change my mind, and contemplate how to use writing as a reflective tool for self-empowerment. Each week, I will also answer your questions, so please leave your thoughts and ideas in the comment sections or shoot me an email at

So who am I to enter into this conversation with you? I am an Assistant Professor of Education and a bullying researcher. I also co-direct our university’s writing project, part of the National Writing Project. In addition, I coach targets of workplace abuse and help organizations rethink their cultural climate. 

These are not simple classifications on my paystubs but an inherent identity. The truth is, I can’t help myself. I was born to teach, write, and speak up about all the tangles knotting up our world. The work energizes me and, at times, gets me in a wee bit of trouble with those who wish I could just quiet down a bit, relent to my place on the hierarchy, and lean back in my office chair to read the dusty rulebook dictating how to speak, think, and feel. 

Well, I am not going to do that here, and I hope you won’t either. 

So, let’s begin this journey together today.  It seems like as good a day as any to start a conversation that just might change the world and, at the very least, cause a little ruckus. 


Dorothy Suskind, Ph.D.

PS ~ I should mention that the ideas expressed in my newsletters, webinars, and videos are purely my own and certainly not representative of my institution. 

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Exploring workplace bullying, work cultures, creativity, and using writing as a reflective tool to thrive in life and on the job.


Dorothy Suskind is a researcher, writer, professor, wife, and mom. She writes about the culture of work with a special emphasis on workplace bullying, belonging, and creativity.